Courthouse Hotel

31 Burringbar St
Mullumbimby NSW 2482

Ellen Brown, Mullumbimby


Tuesday, 3 November 2020 - 7:00pm


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** Please note the change of date -- it's now on Tuesday evening (showing football Wednesday night).**

Please book vis, because of Covid restrictions. However, if you have issues with link please come anyways as should be enough tickets at door. Donation only!

Ellen Brown is one of the most important activists in the USA. She supports Public Banking and exposes the destructiveness of privatized banking. She has written over 14 books including the best seller “Web of Debt”, also the name of her website. She is a lawyer and natural medicine advocate.

Her books and speeches cut through obscure financial blather to enlighten ordinary people. Complex ideas become crystal clear. After listening to Ellen people suddenly realize what causes so much inequality and ecological damage: money. More importantly, we can then see what to do about rescuing our democracy and our environment!

Ellen reveals the reasons for the appalling choice Americans have to make in the upcoming elections. Both Democrats and Republicans have been captured by the power of Big Money; private banks and investment houses which create credit for the wrong projects and then gamble on the derivative market. Small business and families pay via expensive credit cards to gain some working capital, while large business has subsidies, loans and bailouts from cronies in the Treasury, Wall Street and Government.

Her talk will be day after the US elections, and amidst the chaos and recriminations, her insights will help Australians see through to causes and solutions. Attendees at her Nov 3rd Zoom presentation will leave with new enthusiasm and understanding. The presentation will be partly via video, but people who would like to be part of the live Zoom connection a few days before, asking questions directly, could contact Liz (through this website)