Shifting the goal-posts

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Shifting the goal-posts

In this (still on YouTube?) video, Chris Martenson does an in-depth analysis of media reports concerning covid.

For those of us in the Byron Sophia group who like to dig into the 'why' of things, not just the 'what', it's worthwhile to look closely at what we're being fed, by both the mainstream media (MSM) and government announcements.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) is now stipulating that the  RT-PCR Ct value that is used to determine if someone has 'covid', should now be at, or below twenty eight (amplifications).

Here's the issue: prior to the rollout of vaccines, Ct values well above twenty eight were being used to signify 'cases'. As research has confirmed, for a Ct value of forty of more, most of the tests will give 'false positives' -- i.e. no infection.

Given that the greater Sydney region is now in lock-down, that Ct (Cycle threshold) value is important to know.


Because if NSW health is using a high Ct value (e.g. above 35) in their testing, we can be reliably certain those 'cases' are mostly 'false positives', which means little to no contagious infections, which means no need of lock-down (or masks, or social distancing, for that matter).

The question that begs asking is why aren't we being told the Ct value?

The answer to that question is fairly easy to discern, if we review the work done by David Martin (see this video at the 34:41 mark).

A deeper question is why are those in authority so determined?

Perhaps we could discuss those motives in a Byron Sophia group meeting?

btw, it's entertaining (for me at least) to read some of the comments to that video by Martenson

here's one that's, as they say, 'priceless':

I am doing my civic duty by volunteering to be part of the unvaccinated control group
That comment by Alison is actually quite scientifically valid. Given the so-called 'vaccines' are being administered under an Emergency Use Authorization (are documented as 'experimental'), a control group that is not receiving the vaccine, is important for the sake of proper scientific testing methodology.


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