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A few of us (Byron Sophia members) have been meeting irregularly (due to various work commitments), discussing beliefs, and related topics. They've been highly productive (in my opinion). They have fostered ongoing consideration of topics to be discussed, as per this article I wrote "Are we biased?" in response to said discussions.

As I shared, I'm happily biased toward the masculine energy of being highly focused, determined, detailed, but I do ponder on occasion, how my circumstances might be enriched by a better balance of the 'masculine'1 and 'feminine'2 energies.

Additional articles on various topics have been posted on the main Byron Sophia home page.

Upcoming Events

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As to upcoming meetings, we're working to reach consensus on time/day, and venue. If anyone has preferences for each (time, day, venue), please reply to this email.

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  • 1. Definition of 'masculine' used (excerpt BE and BECOME) is

    The bias towards the objective-particle nature ... measurable, definable, knowable, independent. Different, apart from all else (Individual). Men (male animals, fermion particles) tend towards the embodiment of 'separateness' (things, individuality, exclusivity; logical, objective, disharmony, original) and the active (physical).

  • 2. Definition of 'feminine' used (excerpt of BE and BECOME) is

    The bias towards the collective-wave nature ... ephemeral, immeasurable, unknowable, mysterious. Women (generally female animals and boson particles) tend towards the embodiment of 'togetherness' (relationships: groups, communities, families, herds; intuitive, emotional, unity, harmony) and the attractive ('spiritual').