Important presentation by Dr Lee Merritt

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[previously titled "Thanks Jeannette, it's a great list", and "Videos by Dr Lipton, Dr Merritt]

Jeannette sent me a list of four YouTube videos that I think are worth watching.

The four videos have been split into four separate articles, for ease of discussion, and referencing.

The first, by Dr Lee Merritt, follows

The other three are at

They're all great, but I particularly liked the first one -- SARS-CoV2 and the Rise of Medical Technocracy. Lee Merritt, M.D.. You'll need to watch the video for explanation of the various slides (shown in the image gallery).

There's going to be an awful lot of really angry, embarrassed people when they realize they've been so easily and willfully played. So naive, hard to believe. Like, you know, read the packaging (see image, in CAPITALS mind you (aka yelling!)) "THIS MASK ...WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY PROTECTION AGAINST COVID-19." It's not like it's written in Swahili or anything, it's simple plain English. The last few images starting with psychologist Albert Biderman put to rest any doubts or confusion as to what's really going on.

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Wow, just WOW!

Just scrolled through the slideshow, then the video. Extraordinary stuff. Scary stuff. That slide showing cases vs the steady reduction in deaths ... proof positive we're being manipulated, taken for fools.

Do the people in media, governments experience the slightest shame (rhetorical question. No, they obviously don't!)? The harm they're doing, especially doctors who peddle the usual covid nonsense -- so much for their oath not to inflict harm.