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    e.g. re No long-term safety testing.

    They (so-called 'fact-checker' website) write "many of those (data) gaps are already filled at this point."

    Bullshit -- how can you have data from 5 or 10 years of testing, prior to those 5 or 10 years!!

    The sheer audacity, duplicity and malevolence of these people beggars belief..

    update Sat. July 17

    It's occurred to me that those who don't or won't review the data that reveal the covid vaccines are (for some) deadly, are like the Eloi in H.G. Wells' The Time Machine. They obediently go to their doom, without qualms.

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    Noticed a 'fact-checker' website has attempted to debunk the above 18 reasons by using ridiculous arguments.

    E.g. Vaccine manufacturers are free of liability, even when their products occasionally cause death, and frequent permanent injury. They write "Without this liability protection, vaccine manufacturers were unwilling to supply the government with vaccines."

    So, I guess a car manufacturer can produce a car that when driven, occasionally blows up, killing or permanently maiming the occupants. But hey, let's give them immunity from prosecution, because otherwise they wouldn't produce their dangerous vehicles, and we need vehicles, right?

    And let's ignore the evidence that Ivermectin (see article this site) is now known to not only prevent covid, but treats it as well. Which means if Ivermectin was widely distributed, there'd be NO need of lock-downs, no need of masks, and definitely NO need of vaccines.

    A while back I saw a video by Dr Scott Jensen, "You're being played". Yep, big time, even more so now.

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    Following on (started auto-playing) after the previous youtube video, is the following video about natural healing (using Vit. D). YouTube usually censors natural wellness methodologies, especially when they include pro-choice (anti-vax) content, as is detailed in the previous comment's video.

    It's often advised that in order to figure out what's really going on, just follow the money. So why would Google censor natural remedies to disease that are known to be effective ... and cheap? Well, there's the answer. There's  little to no money in promoting natural remedies (like Vit. D/sunshine, vit. C, etc). As Dr Lee Merritt reveals in her presentation, very few people die from Covid when they have sufficient Vit. D. But hey, Vit. D is cheap (or free when from sunshine), so no point in promoting that, there's no money in it. But an experimental 'vaccine' with many side-effects (requiring expensive down-stream medications)? -- promote promote promote, 24/7.

    Maybe they'll censor this and the previous one in due course?

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    We'd like to invite everyone to the last conference before Dec. 21st. we have gathered together some of the best Elders in the Country, this will be as good as it gets... come join us.

    Our Latest Vid about Uluru, Our Next Conference & Trolls:

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    Just scrolled through the slideshow, then the video. Extraordinary stuff. Scary stuff. That slide showing cases vs the steady reduction in deaths ... proof positive we're being manipulated, taken for fools.

    Do the people in media, governments experience the slightest shame (rhetorical question. No, they obviously don't!)? The harm they're doing, especially doctors who peddle the usual covid nonsense -- so much for their oath not to inflict harm.