November 2019

New book published

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Stephen Pirie's book "The Dynamics of Gender and Life: Timeless Principles of Quantum, Fractal and Natural Phenomena, and Human Social Dynamics" is now published and available at The Byron Book Room Collective, in Fletcher Street, Byron Bay.

I enjoyed reading Stephen's book and found his perspective refreshing and revealing on how to achieve deeper understanding of the masculine and feminine. His explanations using quantum physics and the butterfly diagrams made compelling reading.

From everyday examples of behaviors to exploring the metaphysical, Stephen clearly defines the part that each polarity plays and elucidates their importance in the whole continuum. This is an important issue as dominance of one over the other leads to an imbalance and disharmony. What the world so deeply needs now is the balance of the feminine and masculine and the recognition of diversity in Unity.

Anna Parker
Celebrant  & Facilitator


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This is a new site (circa November 2019) which is expected to serve as a hub for announcements, events, etc. for those interested in continuing the discussions and presentations at the Byron Sophia Philosophical Group.

update -- Sunday 1st Dec. I would also think this site could serve as a member hub e.g. to link to member blog websites, but not to be used for posting of individual blog posts, but rather as a portal, e.g. to link to personal Facebook pages, and the like.

Byron Sophia Feb 6, 2020


Thursday, 6 February 2020 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm


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update Tuesday 28th January, 2020

For those attending it would great if everyone came with

(a) some ideas as to how  they would like the sessions to run - procedurally; to ensure good discussion, clear respect and and enlivened and enlightened atmosphere.


(b) three ideas for the substance or content

Meanwhile, so we have some content of substance this first session, if we have time: